Quick Diary...

After seeing the latest post by my tea-party leaning sister, after taking down her equivalency between the voice vote fiasco at the DNC to the plague of voter fraud being heroically fought by the Republicans, I updated my status with the following:

"OK, from here on out until election day, no fake Republican talking point goes unanswered. If I see it, I engage with facts and logic.

For my tea party friends, nothing personal, but if you post things that are nonsense, I will point out that they are nonsense. You are welcome to do the same to me if you think you have the facts on your side..."

I for one am sick of the ongoing crap that gets posted and liked on Facebook even though it has no basis in reality, and I'm committed to making sure that I don't just let those things go unanswered.  

I encourage all of you to do the same (in addition to volunteering, donating, and proudly standing up as a Democrat of course), and somewhere in the exchange to gleefully point out how screwed their side is, just to make sure they know!

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