As many people on DKos have been saying. I remind you naysayers to watch Bill Clinton's entire speech from Wednesday night and remember everything he's said in detail.

We all know this is not a positive report. But we've also had reports of positive numbers for car sales, house prices and even as per Gallup: http://www.gallup.com/...

Just because this jobs report is disappointing doesn't mean doom for the President. We've had plenty of disappointing numbers this year, yet that hasn't changed the outcome of the race; otherwise Romney would've been surging in the polls back in May and June. So don't take too much into what the media says about this report; they do this all the time. Look at other data besides a monthly jobs report. Besides they are subject to be revised.

We don't know if today's report will diminish any chance of President Obama getting a convention bounce; we will have to wait and see a couple of days to find out. In the meantime we must stay focused the next 60days and help register voters and make sure they have what they need to vote. GOTV will be key in this election.

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