It's been a while everyone and while I am enjoying a brief respite at home from the travails of the road that my current job has me performing, I've noticed that we've been a bit quiet about talking about what has been going on in The Baja.

I know that some of us have been disappointed with the current color taint of some of our nominees, more of a wishy washy blue rather than a deep and rich sapphire tint, but the fact remains, that color is still preferable to the deep red crimsons that are on display in the store across the street and the remodeling of this house isn't going to happen on its own.

Also, we must learn from our past lessons, if we don't show up, we know that the other guys do.  When they show up, we have the continued idiocy that makes us sigh, perform facepalms and sometimes be embarrassed to be associated with the state.  Does this mean that we still don't keep working for better candidates, no, but we go to the dance with who we have safe in the knowledge that despite their flaws they are a damn sight better than the alternative.  As an example.... I give you....

Dr. Richard Carmona


Jon Kyl Jr.   (aka Jeff Flake)

Carmona, Surgeon General under a Republican Administration, left when they wanted him to take positions against his own best professional judgement.  Is he perfect, no... but I have great respect for the man and despite how he may vote on any given piece of legislation there is no possible way that he could be as much of a tool as Flake will most likely be, after all he has Jon Kyl's blessing and we all know what that means.  He'll sit in a chair, won't propose a single piece of worthwhile legislation that would have any possibility of helping anyone outside of some Corporate crony who will turn around and put him on their board of directors once he leaves office.  

Carmona is exactly the type of candidate who has crossover appeal, he's actually been there and done that.  Hence, his chances of catching a break and getting elected depend on us getting out there and making sure people vote.  It's races like this one and all the way down the ticket, to the county commissioners and school boards that we need to do a bit of work ourselves, work with the powers that be, promote our folks, talk them up, make their names known and if we find them wanting, then we know to move on to other choices, new faces, fresh opportunities.

Perhaps this diary is a month too early (my sense of timing since changing time zones every two weeks is most likely to blame) but I would rather put out this timely reminder now than to let the opportunity slip by and regret it later.

To my fellow Baja Kossacks, I've missed you and hope we can engage in a friendly discussion again soon, over some charred animal flesh of choice and quality beverages.

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