Update 3:55 AM What's truly incredible about today's post is that I didn't even write it, and I made that very clear in the first few sentences. Of course, some of the dumber people here who hate me because I don't think Obama is a perfect little princess didn't even read the diary before taking the time to tell me how poorly written it is. It's not. It's by a great writer who is funny and articulate like Obama had to be when he stole your souls. Also somewhat amusing that people here love my other humor posts and vote them to the top, plus a couple others as I seem to recall, but I'm repeatedly called the worst writer on Daily Kos by the Eric Holder crowd EVEN WHEN I AM NOT WRITING WHAT IS WRITTEN HERE.

Take a step back and look at the information, which I've successfully provided to other parties which have in turn covered it elsewhere, including dozens of major outlets and documentaries and best-selling books and all that. Please don't make this about me anymore. This is about my enemy, which is yours. That so many here prefer to start fights with other activists is telling. You are actually in a real race with the degenerate lying Mormon because of similar incompetence. I worked on a Democratic congressional campaign in 2008 - for free, as usual - as a direct adviser to Lynne Vincent and his manager, which is to say I've given this party more than most anyone who spends their time posting comments on Daily Kos. I don't deserve the shit that has been thrown at me here for years now, and neither do others that receive similar treatment here. I write about policy for a fucking reason, and I post shit here only once in a while in order to reach the few I need, despite the abuse I inevitably receive from people who follow me from post to post talking nonsense about someone they themselves claim to be worthless.


At least partly. The rest will be coming soon along with a more complete explanation. Go read this guy's thingamajig please:


... which I'm cross-posting here so he can tell you what's what with my recent spate of Cryptome.org posts (certain people here have difficulty with it, others have explained what's happening to them and also mocked them when appropriate). Enjoy.

Here's the conversation itself:


... or at least part of it. The rest is on Cryptome.org along with my New York Times leak that some of you will find useful (to the extent you don't just carry water for any Administration) and which others will, as usual, feign to misunderstand because ELECTIONS! The amusing part is that this is actually dynamite, as is the rest that I will continue to release over next few days along with explanatory remarks on how this relates to the stupid SWAT thing as well as other, actually significant issues. See HBGary or my other writings thereon; Echelon2.org has much more on the problem with paid infosec contractors going after activists, including some who post here at Kos.

Thanks to all who have worked with us on this issue since it first struck us unexpectedly back in February 2011, the Team Themis hack.

Earlier today, we shared with you how Los Angeles County Assistant District Attorney, Patrick Frey, is cuddled up under the blankies with such public spirited citizens as Lee Stranahan (who filed a false police report against me on Sept. 1, tying up the 911 lines in Dallas to file this false report, causing a Howard County police officer to have to come out to my house because of said false report), Aaron Walker (who blogs under the name Aaron Worthing who has lost court case after court case after court case in his ongoing struggle with Brett Kimberlin and who libeled me on his blog yesterday by claiming as fact that I had issued a threat of rape against Stranahan, or his wife, or his dog or something), R. Stacy McCain (you know, the OTHER McCain, known for his funny hat and racism), Ali Akbar (head of the fraudulent National Bloggers Club and the only black person McCain likes) and Michelle Malkin (who gave Walker Worthing’s libelous claims a home on her well-read “Twitchy” website yesterday — violating the time honored standards of journalism, that being if you are going to libel someone, at least attempt to pretend to try to get that person’s side of the story).

A delightful bunch, these.  Always with the hands out.  Help me buy a new house. Help me with moving expenses. Help me fight back against the naughty liberal bloggers who are saying naughty things about me. Help me fight my nonsense court cases so I can keep harassing someone.  Help me buy food for my children.  Help me fix my snaggle teeth.  Pay me!  Pay me!  Pay me!  That’s why they’re all mad at this old, trembly fat guy with Parkinson’s.  HOW DARE he expose their sweet little scams designed to separate well-meaning conservatives who think they’re helping people from their money?  Where DO I get off with that kinda crud?

Yeah, it’s a long intro, but this is a convoluted story.  And it’s getting more convoluteder. Convoluterish?  Something like that.

Shhhh! It’s the OTHER McCain!

Now, we have this report printed on the fabulous website Breitbart Unmasked, backed up by e-mails from the principal character himself, showing how ADA Frey negotiated with a person he believed to be a spokesperson for the notorious hacker group “Anonymous” in an effort to lower the Google visibility of an article written by a foe of Frey — a Frey Foe, if you will.  And he made it clear, he didn’t care if laws were broken.  He didn’t even wanna hear about it!

We quote from the meticulous transcript printed at Breitbart Unmasked.

In a post that has to be seen to be believed, Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney Patrick Frey negotiates with Barrett Brown to have an article penned by Jeff Goldstein at the Protein Wisdom website moved down in the search engines. He tells Barrett Brown that he wishes Anonymous to come to his aid to sort of get rid of the article by Goldstein that was somewhat critical of Frey.
Frey also asks Brown for help from some of his Anonymous cohorts for some sort of “help” in “removing this thorn” (Goldstein) from his shoe.

After Brown discusses ways of moving Goldstein’s writing further down in the Google rankings, this transcript shows the end of this particular conversation.  I’ve neatened it up a bit for ease of reading

BROWN: Well, for one thing, as you’re aware, to the extent that something else pushes it down, it gets… pushed down.  To the extent you break some stories from those e-mails that will help.

FREY:  But that’s not enough.  I’d like to see Jeff beaten more severely.

BROWN:  Might have to think this over, talk to my Anons, etc. There’s always a way.

FREY: Hm.  As long as any way is legal, I’m all for it.

BROWN: Well, what if it’s legal… but...

FREY: Do I need to hear the rest?

BROWN:  Nope.

FREY: There you go!  It’s legal, you say? Great!

BROWN:  Good man.  Hooray!  Yeah, we’ll get on this!

In “Sopranos” talk, that sounds like Christopher asking for permission to do something and Tony saying, “I don’t wanna hear nuttin’ about nuttin’!  Got it?”

Anyway, what is Brown’s reason for releasing this and other transcripts?  Because R. Stacy McCain refused to talk to him.  This gets a bit into the weeds, but try to follow along.

The exposure came to a head last night after Robert Stacy McCain had written an article that he thought that Barrett Brown was working with the FBI in trying to take other Anons down in LulzSec. McCain then accused Brown of being complicit in the Lulzsec arrests, when all one would have to do is Google the story where it was announced by LE that Hector Xavier Monsegur aka Sabu had been working with LE for over a year and was responsible for taking a number of Anon members out of the game and not Barrett Brown. McCain, never one to tell any type of truth, goes to town on Brown, who then told McCain he had better call him by Midnight EST or Brown would release information that was critical of McCain’s friend LA DA Frey. McCain decides not to call and the following was released.

As BU wrote…

McCain of course showed his cowardice once again by running away from a problem rather than confronting it head on. McCain quickly jumped in his 2004 broken down KIA to head off unexpectedly to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte NC.

His pal and fellow conspirator Ali Akbar was by his side.  The Lone Ranger and Tonto ride again!

Brown explains in this video.

(More at link at top of post)

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