I started out my career in advertising.  Loved it, loved paying the bills more.  We all make choices.   Two things all ad men know is 1.) You can't sell shit to people if they don't want it.   2.)  Any client whose check clears is a good client.

Here, the boys at Sterling Cooper can show you what I mean:

No, Mitt isn't the rich wanker pissing away his inheritence... no, he's Patxi!

Oh, and Jai Alai?   That would be hard-core, in your face, 175MPH conservatism of course!

I wouldn't take the risk of peering into Carl Rove's soul long enough to guess if he ever believed he could win the White House back for the Reds.   I don't need to know.   All that matters to Carl is the check, not the client.   If Carl can ball up $300,000,000 of someone else's money, he will spend every penny he can selling the American electorate what they DON'T WANT.   He is probably skimming 10 - 30% for himself while steering most of the rest to buddies who can help him down the road.

No, Horace, the dimwitted dilettante who wants to piss away his legacy convincing America that Jai Alai is the next Great American Game isn't Mitt Romney, he is Shel Adelson, the Koch Bros. and all the other in-bred .0001%ers who have ponied up bazillions to his campaign.   They believe the lies that Real Americans actually hate teachers and unions (especially Teachers Unions!).   To protect, and hopefully enhance their "at least 13%" tax rates (yeah right...) they have deluded themselves that 300,000,000 people will forget what life was like 4 years ago.  

Can you imagine how much bourbon Don Draper would have to drink to pitch "Ask yourself if you were better off 4 years ago"?

Carl Rove and the Republican professional class have committed countless crimes and misdemeanors against all things good but in 2012 the greatest swindle they are perpetrating is against their own benefactors.   Every dollar donated to the Republican cause, be it a twenty to an RNC telemarketer or $400,000,000 dedicated to SuperPacs, is a tax on the stupid.   Perhaps the only kind of tax Grover Norquist could approve of.

We keep wondering why Mitt isn't going into Wisconsin with ads?   Why did he back out of Ohio last week, only to sheepishly toe back in this week?   Why is he out of the picture in battlegrounds like Pennsylvania and Nevada?  

Here's my guess.  Rich fucks are having their people call Mitt's people every day since the conventions' close to deliver the bad news:  Don't cash that check Mitt.  

Even rich fucks can fiqure out they are pissing away money sooner or later.   Shel and the Kochs' will figure it out soon enough... hopefully not too soon though.

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