President Barack Obama talks with patrons during a stop at Lechonera El Barrio restaurant in Orlando, Fla., Aug. 2, 2012.
The candidate that is not losing.
Spinning, spinning, spinning the news that Ohio is falling out of Mitt Romney's reach, a senior Romney campaign adviser responds to Rich Lowry over at the National Review:
It’s horses**t. Nobody in Boston thinks we’re going to lose. We’re in a tight race. We had a 4-5 point bounce after our convention and it evaporated when they had theirs. Now they have a 4-5 bounce.
They had a 1.9 point bounce. President Barack Obama has a 5.5 point bounce. And counting.
On Ohio, they’ve been spinning for months now that it’s out of reach.

There was a Columbus Dispatch poll last week that had it 45-45. That’s a more accurate picture of the state of the play there than any of the spin.

That Columbus Dispatch poll was pre-convention, two weeks ago. And it's a weird snail mail poll. And it's not just the Obama campaign spinning the dire Ohio picture for Republicans:
Two officials intimately involved in the GOP campaign said Ohio leans clearly in Obama’s favor now, with a high single-digit edge, based on their internal tracking numbers of conservative groups.
Back to the Romney adviser:
PPP has these polls that just put chum in the water for the media. Sometimes I think there’s a conscious effort between the media and Chicago to get Republicans depressed.
Biased polling! Biased media! Loser talk.
I actually think the other side is in a panic.
Ha ha, as if we're the ones begging people to ignore the polling.
You look at New Mexico closing up. And they’re not above 50 in any of their target states.
Actually, in polling prior to the Democratic convention, Obama was looking solid in the states. Note not just Obama's numbers, but how low Romney's are:
Remember, those are pre-convention numbers. Romney wasn't getting out of the mid-40s in most of these states. Obama was just 1-2 points from 50 percent in almost all of them. This week we'll start seeing updated post-convention numbers.
Look, we’re raising money, they’re raising money, and it’s tight. This is a dogfight. But the numbers actually point to a romney win barring something unforeseen.
Exactly which numbers point to that? They can't even point to Rasmussen anymore!

They've got nothing. Nada. They are in such shambles, that even their biggest media friends are abandoning them, like Mark Halperin in his latest piece on the Romney campaign "death stench."

This CW is driven by the post-convention polls showing a bump for the President, prominent Politico and New York Times stories citing key Republicans acknowledging that Boston is behind in Ohio and other must-win states, Barack Obama’s outraising Mitt Romney in August and weak Romney and Paul Ryan answers in interviews on such topics as health care, the U.S. military and the budget. The Fox News Sunday round table yesterday sounded like a postmortem explaining a Romney loss.
It's nice seeing the media conventional wisdom acknowledge what we've known for just over a month: We're winning.

Now I know lots of liberals simply can't handle winning. Some of us would rather worry about Republicans stealing the election, or the Koch brothers, or nonsense about being 10 points down yadda yadda yadda. Flush that crap out of your system.

Instead, get a strut in your step and go for the electoral kill. We need to work hard to cement Obama's gains, demoralize the opposition, and run up the score in House and Senate races. The filibuster will be transformed, giving us a better Senate. Any House with Nancy Pelosi in charge will be infinitely better than the one run by the weepy orange guy.

The question isn't whether we can win this, it's whether we can win this big. Let's do it!

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It's definitely time to expand our advantages into Congress.

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