Thought Arizona's primaries were over on August 28th? Not in AZ-04, they're not.

The Democratic primary is virtually tied and a recount is underway:

Mikel Weisser and Johnnie Robinson are separated by less than one-tenth of a percentage point following last month's primary election. A recount also is triggered when 25,000 votes or less are cast, and candidates are within 50 votes of one another.

The Arizona Secretary of State's Office says recounts will be done in each of the seven counties that make up the 4th District. The deadline to submit them to state officials is Sept. 17.

The Democratic winner will face Republican Rep. Paul Gosar in the general election.

The recount in Maricopa County is scheduled for Wednesday.

Here are the latest numbers from the AZ Sec of State:

51.27% - 40,033 - GOSAR, PAUL
31.53% - 24,617 - GOULD, RON
17.05% - 13,315 - MURPHY, RICK
00.14% -      113 - Write-in
Total        78,078   (REP)

49.13% - 10,185 - ROBINSON, JOHNNIE
49.04% - 10,166 - WEISSER, MIKEL
01.83% -      379 - Write-in
Total        20,730   (DEM)

87.10% -      189 - PAMELIA, JOE
12.90% -        28 - Write-in
Total             217   (LIB)

100.0% -        62 - Write-in
Total              62    (GRN)

100.0% -        70 - Write-in
Total              70    (AEL)

A few thoughts:


Just a reminder, this is the district where that Pinal County Sherriff Paul Babeu was run off the Republican ballot because he allegedly "threatened his Mexican ex-lover with deportation when the man refused to promise never to disclose their years-long relationship". So, expect the unexpected here. Who knows? Maybe there's "a dead girl or a live boy" lurking somewhere in Paul Gosar's closet?


Americans Elect outpolled the Green Party??? I know this is a blood-red district, but still, who's thinking about Americans Elect anymore? This does not bode well for the Green Party.


I need some serious advice. How does a barely-supported-by-the-national-party Democratic nominee go about beating a dyed-in-the-wool Tea Party freshman like Paul Gosar?

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