I'd likely have gotten 30 years, my home confiscated and my wife deported. At least that's always my fear. Many have had infamous sentences for growing less than this so this is interesting.

This Judge got off pretty easy and I am ok with it largely because he didn't do anything wrong.

Attorney and substitute judge James H. Allamong Jr. was sentenced on Monday after the felony charges were knocked down to a misdemeanor.
He reported that the plants were solely for his use and he used them to treat lingering pain and pother symptoms stemming from injuries received in the Viet Nam War.
“That’s the only reason I had the stuff,” he told NVDaily.com in 2011. “Obviously, I wish I had an opportunity to go another way, where you can get medicinal marijuana in Virginia, but that’s not an option.
His plants were discovered last year by firefighters called to a blaze close to his place.

No word on what 'facilitated' this wonderful reduction of charges from felony status to misdemeanor with a fine and a few weekends of picking up cans.

Clearly, tax payer monies have been well spent, the public has been protected from a terrible menace,  and we can all rest easier tonight.

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