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Happy Monday evraybody. How was your weekend? I went out to the Marin Headlands with my visiting friend/houseguest and met some other Kossackians teaching/learning about and admiring the raptors that grace that windy spot. It was a gorgeous day. But we didn't follow the Kossian herd to the next spot, since my time with my friend was short and we had other places to go. I noticed there is a Portland get-together next Sunday at 4 at the Red and Black Cafe. If you see Horace please tell him he is missed around here.

Tonight Craig's scheduled guests are actor/author Ben Stein and actress Rhona Mitra. Stein is a conservative putz and occasional pitchman/actor, and Mitra used to be Lara Croft.

Sadly I cannot find any craigyferg videos from last Friday night.

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