O.K., so no "single line diaries" are allowed.  So I've got to write something more than the sentence above (that something more being at least this sentence, which contains a parenthetical statement and several clauses, oh my) and post this link right here:


  I guess I should say something profound about Bushfish (do the link) or rant about it or skewer it like such will certainly be done a la The Daily Show, but, no, I'm just speechless about Bushfish, although I should not be surprised.

  Is is a parody?  I'd like to believe so, but, given the Nutty Taliban, and looking closely at bushfish.org (org?  as in not for profit?  just for charity and kicks?  what's up with that?), it seems to be all too real.

  I'm just speechless.  Mayyyybe it's some wise-ass (you know, like Falwell or Roebertson) who's just exploiting "The Faithful" for $$$...  Your bushfish comments welcome.


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