Mitt Romney after his statement today
Presidential, apparently.
That giant catastrophe of a statement from Mitt Romney about the attack in Libya? And his follow-up catastrophe of a public statement that just made it worse? Yeah, well, you might think it demonstrated just how not-ready-to-be-president Mitt Romney is, but you'd be wrong. Because the real leader of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, says so:
Mitt Romney, who is the only guy that looked presidential in all of this, who had the guts to go out and characterize this statement from the embassy accurately.  And the media is now saying that Romney jumped the gun, launched a political attack before the facts of the embassy violence were known, and then issues a vague foreign policy vision.
Yup. It sure takes guts to release a statement falsely attacking the president during an attack on Americans. Super presidential! Bold, even! Obama doesn't have the kind of guts to do that.

Oh, and if you folks could give Rush a hand, he's looking for some evidence to prove a conspiracy theory he apparently learned about from a crazy chain email someone forwarded to him:

I was told that there was an open mic and that the media at the Romney event could be heard coordinating their attack questions for him.  But we can't find it.  We've looked everywhere.  I've been told it aired someplace, but we cannot find it.  I wish we could.  I would love to be able to play that for you, but we can't find 'em, the media actually coordinating their questions for Romney.
Yeah. Rush sure wishes he could find some proof that it's the media's fault that Romney looks like a jackass. Too bad it doesn't exist. Or maybe it's just hidden away with the whitey tape.

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