There are a lot of rumors floating around about why "Innocence of Muslims" was made.  But one thing has been established beyond all reasonable doubt--the cast and crew were led to believe they were shooting a film about completely different subject matter, and only found out it was a highly incendiary piece of agitprop after seeing the dubbed-over final version.  To my mind, there are two obvious questions.  Did "Sam Bacile's" backers knew what "Bacile" was planning to do?  And if they did know, when did they know it?

In the heat of my outrage over the horribly senseless violence that this film apparently caused, last night I called for "Bacile" and everyone else involved in producing this film to be arrested for incitement to riot and possibly being accessories to the murders of Christopher Stevens and the other diplomats killed in the Benghazi attack.  But apparently this film falls into a gray area where any attempt to hold these slimeballs criminally responsible could open up a First Amendment can of worms.  

That being said, though, if I were one of the people who backed this film, I'd have a lawyer on speed dial.  After all, at least one cast member has already let it be known she's going to sue "Bacile" for deceiving her.  The other cast members would also be more than justified in suing as well; their statement disavowing the film notwithstanding, this is going to be a black mark on their careers for a long time.  And the families of the diplomats killed in Benghazi could potentially have grounds to sue "Bacile" for wrongful death.  To my mind, "Bacile's" backers ought to be facing civil suits as well unless they can prove that they didn't know and couldn't have known that "Bacile" intended to turn his film from a history piece into agitprop.  

Regardless of why this film was made, Bacile and whoever else was responsible for this film need to be sued into poverty.

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