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It's easy to forget the antisemitism involved when parts of the world are raging when Americans have been killed.  Those are newsworthy events and they rightfully deserve the coverage they are receiving.  This is a tragedy for many that is still unfolding and we can only hope and pray that it does not become any worse.

'Sam Bacile' has now been identified.  'Sam Bacile' is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.  Nakoula is not an Israeli Jew, but an Egyptian Coptic Christian living in Southern California.  It's not his ethnicity or religion that is relevant here, however.  It is the fact that he felt completely comfortable placing the blame for his movie's creation upon the world's oldest boogeyman.  He rushed to blame the Jews, claiming that he was Jewish and that he had backing from 100 Jews.

He could have picked from many different ethnicities and religions or he could have picked absolutely no religion or ethnicity.  Instead, he chose attribute the making of the film to Jews.  His movie would have made headlines and caused this reaction the moment it became viral irrespective of attribution.  He chose to attribute it to Jews.  It follows a seemingly common maxim throughout history:  When in doubt, say the Jews did it.

That's what's lost in much of this coverage.  "Blame the Jews.  It'll be believable.  They'll lap it up."  And for the first bit, before the news could get around to fact-checking, people did.  When it doubt, it's always easy enough to blame us.  It's been going on for millennia.  It has a proven track record.  Nakoula wasn't the first and he won't be the last.  There will always be many that will hate us simply because we dare to exist.

Note: Rosh Hashanah starts Sunday night and I'll have my usual Shanah Tovah diary wishing my fellow Jews here a happy new year up either tomorrow afternoon or Sunday afternoon.  That one will considerably happier in tone.  If however, there are people who don't come around, let me wish everyone Shanah Tovah u'Metukah (a good and sweet year) now.
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