... at least as long as they keep the kool-aid pumping! let's peek in on those real amerkuns™ over in freeper gulch as they analyze the latest numbers:

I have a spreadsheet I use to see the results if the 2010 turnout model is used or any other model.

Below is the CBS NYT poll 'normalized' to reflect both the 2010 turnout model and the current Rasmussen party id.

... Corrected Results: Romney 50.4%, Obama 44.9% (Leto)

[The latest NBC/WSJ poll] stinks to high heaven. These idiots are just building Obama up so they can feign outrage and say the election was stolen when Obama eats a crap sandwich in November. (NoobRep)

This is close to my prediction. Romney 55% Obama 45% (Red Steel)
By the way, nice work. My prediction still stands at 53%-45% Romney. (princeofdarkness)
A.) Oversampled Dems - especially in Ohio (D+10)
B.) Polled 9/9 - 9/11 - tail end of DNC Bounce and anniversary of 9/11 - huge benefit for Obama
C.) Polled BEFORE Middle East blew up.
D.) Obama can’t break 50 in any poll - despite A, B,& C.

Obama will lose in a landslide. (nhwingut)

Actually according to the NBC/Marxist poll 2012 is going to be BETTER then 2008 for Obama.

And even people here buy their nonsense! (MNJohnnie)

ZOGBY hasn’t been close in awhile. (Blacksheep)
John Zogby is left wing pollster and conducts push-polls

Is radical Muslim brother James Zogby works for CAIR

That should cover it (devolve)

I don't even like NASCAR but I know [Obama leading with NASCAR fans]'s total BS!

It's like saying Romney leads with Black Transsexual Muslim jihadists. (MacMattico)

It's utterly amazing to see the media prop this clown up (with a straight face) in the midst of this train wreck, domestically and internationally.

Brian Williams/NBC News actually teased these polls with "Is Obama's mojo too much for Romney?" (nhwingut)

Brian Williams arrogance is going to get shipwrecked on the hard rocks of reality. (DarthVader)
I’ve mentioned this before, but I live in blue collar central that was strongly for Obama four years ago, and the tone has changed dramatically, with only the fringe kooks in his corner. I don’t buy these polls at all. (SpaceBar)
“Obama has a double-digit lead over Romney as to who would better handle foreign policy.”

Now I know this poll was a joke. (Signalman)

LOL! Dims over sampled by 18, they must be trying to fool themselves. We will [win] by a landslide. (Nuc 1.1)
all I can say is that the pollsters seem to be coordinating their polls so it looks good for bammey....but I don't buy it really...

I think its push/polls and specially designed polls and put out to actually influence the election.....

if nothing else, they want to suppress the vote because there's a lot of big senatorial races out there too... (cherry)

MSM and the pollsters are ignoring the absolute loathing for Barry everywhere. I do mean loathing and disgust; I do mean everywhere. (ExTexasRedhead)
unfortunately, not everyone in happy valley has been taking their constitutionally-guaranteed levels of fauxrage®:
Wonderful. We are going to have 4+ more years of this stumble bumb. (oyez)
Regrettably, I sense you’re correct, regardless of the other remarks in this thread that ignore the message while attacking the messenger.

Ohio and Virginia are bellwethers, and Romney is faring poorly in both of them.

I sense the core of the problem isn’t so much Romney per se, but the more troubling reality that like other “battleground” states, both OH and VA are on the verge of “tipping” to the blue side, as Colorado has recently done.

If that’s the case, it’s going to be tough for the Republicans to win the presidency again without them.

Remember back here on FR two years ago?
“The dog catcher could beat Obama.”
“The dog could beat Obama.”
“A ham sandwich could beat Obama.”

What the heck happened? (Road Glide)

and finally, for bonus chuckles:
Why Romney Will Win

by Dick Morris

Now that both conventions are over, the dimensions of the likely Romney triumph are becoming clear. Both through an analysis of the polling and an examination of the rhetoric, the parameters of the victory are emerging....

versus fox news' flopsweat:

once-upon-a-time democratic pollster pat caddell: "waaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!"

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