The Dallas Morning News reports that Anonymous has supposedly retaliated for the arrest of Barrett Brown (for threatening a government agent) by threatening some more government agents.

Anonymous sub-group AntiSec retaliated for Barrett Brown’s arrest tonight by publishing the purported addresses and credit card numbers of 13 federal government workers
The targeted workers are reportedly not directly involved in the actual arrest, and most of them seem to be in the employ of the military.

Additional detail at rt.com spells out more Brown's statements prior to his arrest and links to AntiSec's statement.

Only hours after news of his arrest first made the rounds online, AntiSec, a branch of the Anonymous movement that seeks to expose and exploit lax security practices, responded with a statement that explains, “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

“Barrett Brown, our controversial hated/loved friend,” was raided, the Thursday afternoon memo credited to the AntiSec collective reads. Brown was participating in a live video chat on the Internet at the precise moment his home was stormed by authorities, allowing many of his acquaintances to have a front-row seat to the event. AntiSec suggests all so-called Anons should view the clip, since uploaded online, “then try to come and convince us that FBI is not mad as hell at us.”

Also, for more information on Brown's arrest, see Catte Nappe's Breaking News diary from yesterday.

The full Antisec statement can be found here, but reads in part:

We have these 13 credit cards details as teaser, and aprox. right now (should be we think...)
we would be dropping an undeterminate amount of credit cards
potentially belonging to govt officials (just and only just, underterminately probable)
potentially all around of undeterminate number of
carding forums, black markets and other underground places.
since we potentially believe only pros can do this well in the right way.
another undeterminate amount of them, it would be probably and only probably released soon
as an encrypted text to public.
the password to decrypt that text it will be posted randomly in some places till it virally spread out.
then re-posted widely.
use same decrypting steps than for the fbi iphone udid thingie.
so stay tuned!

meanwhile..enjoy this.
this data could be potentially and underteminatedly false as FBI could potentially claim,
they also would be a potentially different set than those we released from Stratfor and they
could just potentially bring an underterminate amount of lulz.
but what the hell, you are free to try them if u want.
spend a lot!!!! send flowers to Barrett!!!

Talking Points Memo has taken the step of verifying the authenticity of the hacked info and spoken to several of the victims, each of whom, apparently, don't know who the hell Barrett Brown is.
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