2012 Presidential debates
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7:01 PM PT:
GOP convinced themselves Biden was a moron. Now he's cleaning the clock of the supposedly smart Republican.
@markos via TweetDeck
7:04 PM PT:
Worked for Romney last week. RT @samyoungman: I'm amazed how many folks responded that they find Biden obnoxious -- and winning.
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7:04 PM PT: Look, anyone who thinks Biden is coming off like an asshole is a complete idiot. And even if he did come off like a total asshole, there's no way he's going to out-asshole Mitt Romney. Romney has got the asshole market cornered.

7:05 PM PT: Remember when that Republican Congressman said Paul Ryan was smart like Einstein?

7:08 PM PT: Oh my God I almost feel bad for Ryan after that exchange on Afghanistan. Biden owned him completely: pointed out that Ryan is basically advocating sending more Americans into the most deadly region in Afghanistan. Biden forced him into taking an awful position—pretty damn close to a knockout blow as far as these things go.

7:10 PM PT (Kaili Joy Gray): New thread here.


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