I subscribe to David Nir's Election Morning Digest like a lot of kossacks and I was taking a look at the Ad section and there was one ad that really caught my eye.  The AFSCME recently released an attacking Republican Senate candidate, Congressman Denny Rehberg (R. MT-AL) for not only being a lobbyist but also footage of from 1996 proposing to end Social Security as we know it.  Here's the actual quote:

"When I talk about ending Social Security as we know it, I do meant that." - Montana Senatorial Debate, 10/28/96
Rehberg actually said this back in 1996 when he was running up against Senaotr Max Baucus (D. MT) back in 1996.  Here's the ad:

PPP's latest poll shows Senator Jon Tester (D) with a two point lead amongst likely voters but Karl Rove, American Crossroads and the GOP are hell-bent on taking this seat.  Let's chip in to hell Senator Tester win re-election so we can prevent extremists like Denny Rehberg from helping his GOP colleagues destroy the safety net.  Here's Tester's ActBlue page:

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