Apparently what the Middle East needs more than democracy is a healthy culture of "snarky movie criticism."

Soda: $2.03 = 20 oz bottle $1.86= 1 liter bottle $1.09= 2 liter bottle I wish Vodka was priced like this.

An hour's work only gets you 5.3 gallons of gas today, half as much as 10 years ago.

Million dollar idea~ An alcoholic beverage called "Responsibly"

I wonder if Jesus could have resisted temptation walking 40 days and 40 nights through the candy and cookie aisles at the grocery.

The C + C Music Factory is the nation's largest manufacturer of dope beats, ill rhymes and, surprisingly, fiberglass insulation.

We all have that one big ass kitchen knife picked out in case the Boogieman ever shows up.

I wish a tiny polar bear lived in my freezer. My friends would ask why it took so long to get the ice cream and I’d be like “Polar bear.”


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