Instead of one Dr. Mengele we have an entire base using persons kidnapped, in most cases for a bounty, and locked up and tortured in our United States Naval Station Guantanamo Bay at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. And they are drugged without their knowledge or permission simply because we know how to chemically alter someones reality. The term that caught my eye was chemical torture. Another term that would describe the administration of medication on unknowing inmates is poisoning.

And that activity was abetted by our Justice Department in their acquiescence to not release records or investigate this for the crime it is.

Other investigations show that Guantanamo Bay detainees, including David Hicks, were forced to take high dosages of the controversial anti-malaria drug mefloquine despite showing no signs of the disease, an unprecedented practice that has been likened to ''pharmacologic waterboarding'' by a US military doctor.

Questions have been raised about whether the mass administration of the drug to detainees was a secret, illegal experiment after a medical journal article last month by an army doctor, Major Remington Nevin, highlighted the ''inappropriate use'' of the drug, asking if its use had been motivated by the its psychotic side effects. The US Centres for Disease Control has issued a warning against the use of mefloquine on anyone suffering psychiatric disturbances or having a history of depression. Dr Nevin has also warned that high doses of the drug can cause brain injuries.

Evidence including previously secret reports and witnesses including a Guantanamo guard, and New York lawyer, Josh Dratel, support Mr Hicks's claims that he was drugged. Mr Dratel, who has top secret security clearance from the US Department of Justice and has acted for a number of detainees including Mr Hicks, was to give direct evidence of the ''non-therapeutic'' drugging. In an affidavit prepared for the trial, Mr Dratel revealed that US prosecutors had admitted that Mr Hicks's claims that ''guards had forced him to eat a meal which contained a sedative before they read him the charges'' were true. He was told it had been done to protect the officers from his reactions.

Did you read that?

He was told it had been done to protect the officers from his reactions
They are prison guards that are also Marines and they need to drug someone they have locked in a kennel on the beach to tell them they are being fucked over?

When did Marines turn into such chicken shits?

As to the details the republican eraser has been hard at work trying to hide the crimes they commit as they are doing them.

We will never know who was given what drug because just like the hyoid bones in the Gitmo "suicides" that information was removed. As far as we know those drugs may have created a bio easter egg in those detainees and they will all die in short order. But we can't find out because the low lying dogs that did this have thus far gotten away with crimes against humanity

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