Kossacks. I love you, but I have one thing to say:

Thesaurus. Motherfucking get one. Use google to find them free on-line.

For those of you who are lackadaisical lazy lardasses here's a few copy-pasted selections:

Synonyms for Eviscerate (I.e. Gut):bowel, decimate, despoil, dilapidate, disembowel, draw, dress, empty, eviscerate , exenterate, loot, pillage, plunder, ransack, ravage, rifle, sack

Synonyms for Divide/split: carve, chop, crack, cut, dissect, dissever, disunite, divorce, hack, hew, open, part, pierce, rend, rip, rive, separate, sever, slice, stab, sunder, tear asunder, whack

cut in two: bifurcate, branch off, cleave , cross, cut across, cut in half, cut in two, dichotomize, dimidiate, divaricate, divide in two, fork, furcate, halve, hemisect, intersect, separate, split, split down the middle

Destroy/Demolish/Devastate: abort, annihilate, annul, axe, blot out, break down, butcher, consume, cream*, crush, damage, deface, desolate, despoil, dismantle, dispatch, end, eradicate, erase, exterminate, extinguish, extirpate, gut, impair, kill, lay waste, level, liquidate, maim, mar, maraud, mutilate, nuke, nullify, overturn, quash, quell, ravage, ravish, raze, ruin, sabotage, shatter, slay, smash, snuff out, spoliate, stamp out, suppress, swallow up, tear down, torpedo, total, trash*, vaporize, waste, wax, wipe out, wreck, zap

Batter/Strike/Damage: assault, bash, beat, break, bruise, buffet, clobber, contuse, cripple, crush, dash, deface, demolish, destroy , disable, disfigure, drub, hurt, injure, lacerate, lambaste, lame, lash, mangle, mar, maul, mutilate, pelt, pommel, pound, pummel, punish, ruin, shatter, smash, thrash, wallop, wreck

Blast/Explode: annihilate, blight, blow up, bomb, break up, burst, damage, dash, demolish, destroy , detonate, dynamite, injure, kill, ruin, shatter, shrivel, spoil, stunt, torpedo, wither, wreck

Ruination. I frigging love the word Ruination. Especially when you can say Romney/Ryan will lead America to Ruination.

And then there's Double Down. First, I don't think it means what most people think it means. They seem to be using it to mean that if someone is doubling down they're repeating a statement. I mean I know why they like it, it's alliterative and has an anacrusis to it. It's fun to say, and easy to repeat. It's the opposite of a tongue twister. You can say it 30 times fast with few mistakes. It also has a very specific definition, to double one's risk with an action. It doesn't mean to take a second, identical action or make a second, identical statement, but that's how the media has used it.

What they mean is "said it a second time". What they mean is reiterate, rehash, recap, repeat, echo, ditto, and when surrogates do it it's parroting, rubber-stamping, or echoing. Parroting is perfect for surrogates.

I don't care if you say that event/article x rips Romney a new rectum (alliteration!), as long as you don't use eviscerate.

Ever again.

Seriously, we should ban the word. Not like actually hide-rate bannable offense ban it, because that would be a hysterical, panicked, overreacting push of the panic button, and a sign that we were having a collective fit, and yes, I'm aware that I used panic twice in that sentence.

My point is: Thesauruses. Use them (I do.)


Because we need many words to describe how many different ways Romney is getting his ass handed to him.

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