DFL Minnesota

I said to the staffer there, "please thank the Senator for laying out exactly how awful this Voter ID amendment would be."

I read it in the Northeaster today at the dentist's office

Geez. OMG in other words. He laid out exactly how this horrible MN amendment would disenfranchise old people, military troops and students. Pretty much make absentee voting a thing of the past, since you would be required to go down to polling place in person and show your ID.

So Grandma in a wheelchair would  be required to go down and wait in line at the DMV just to get an ID so she can vote. And military personnel stationed in Afghanistan can't vote because you have to show up at the polling place personally and show your ID.

And homeless people can't vote, nor can college students going to college out of state.

Gee ya think? Who does that leave? Me and a bunch of old white guys? My sister and  I went to Cub today, she panicked for a minute, said "Rose I lost my ID. State ID, because she doesn't drive.

I said "ok we gotta find that because without it you can't vote". We did find it, thank fsm.
So I called Senator Marty's office, said to the staffer there "tell him I said thank you and tell him also to repeat that LTE to the Mpls Star Tribune and the St Paul Pioneer Press."

She was quiet for a minute I said "you still there?" she said yeah I'm just taking notes like crazy" lolol

I also told her oh by the way tell Senator Marty that his latest picture up on his website is VERY cute. He's a very handsome man. She laughed and said "I'll be sure to pass that on"

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