Among the many stupid things Mitt Romney said at a May 2012 fundraiser was this gem:

"I have inherited nothing. Everything I earned I earned the old-fashioned way."
Let's set aside for a moment whether the work of Bain Capital or Mitt Romney's accountants is money earned the old-fashioned way. It is true that the combined bank accounts, real estate holdings, dressage horses, and assets of Willard Mitt Romney far exceed those of his father, George Romney, and that this was true after Mitt went into consulting in the 1970s. But for him to say he inherited nothing is perhaps the least self-aware comment Mitt Romney uttered at that posh Boca Raton estate.

Did the Mitt Romney who grew up in one of the wealthiest communities in America inherit nothing?

Did the Mitt Romney who attended an elite preparatory school inherit nothing?

Did the Mitt Romney who worked as an intern for his father, the governor of Michigan inherit nothing?

Did the Mitt Romney who never had to borrow a dime to attend Stanford University, Brigham Young University, and, for his joint JD/MBA degree, Harvard University inherit nothing?

Did the Mitt Romney whose father's riches allowed Mitt and his wife to begin having children while they were still undergraduates and not have to worry about dropping out or getting a job to feed the kids, give them medical care, or send them to the schools of their choice inherit nothing?

How much did this head start (not to be confused with Head Start) shape Mitt Romney's adult life? How many Americans can say we've inherited all the nothings Mitt Romney inherited?

Julian Castro had it right: Mitt Romney just has no idea how good he's had it.

Originally posted to Nuisance Industry on Tue Sep 18, 2012 at 05:56 AM PDT.

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