The violence is laced from the start of the video as you see an officer punch a demonstrator.

City council member Jumanne Williams as assaulted @
2:40 second.

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Occupy Wallstreet. I participated in the demonstrations from the start of the day and sadly my satire proved right that the NYPD would break 2000 Occupy related arrests. Over 150 demonstrators were arrested through out the day. Intrepid reporters Tim Pool and Luke Rudcowski of wearechange.org were documenting the eviction last night.  They posted the video today on YouTube.

Sadly the police used several tactics in attempting to have the park evicted. One such method was entering the park with 20 officers and Brooksfield security in full riot gear to scare people into thinking the police were doing mass arrests. They were not. They were telling the drum circle that the noise ordinance was now in effect. Next flood lights were brought in and turned in full blast. Much like the first three weeks of the occupation last year where NYPD kept the park lit up with flood lights as people tried to sleep. The NYPD then assaulted city council Member Jumanne Williams about an hour after the drum circle was told to stop. Williams has been unequivical in his support of Occupy and has challenged Mayor Bloomberg on his hardline tactics of peaceful protesters.

Originally though besides showing courage as a politician supporting Jumanne faced the dreaded Bain Capitol yesterday afternoon.

Jumanne showed great restraint in the video in the face of unprovoked violence by the NYPD. He is no stranger to racial profiling and I have had the pleasure of meeting him twice. Once at Zuccotti and once during the occupation of the Federal Hall steps where he came down to ask questions as to where people were attempting to sleep and why the NYPD was arresting so many people down there. During the occupation of Zuccoti Williams was down at the park frequently and held several press conferences encouraging dialog between the Occupiers and Mayor Bloomberg.

A year ago Jumanne was arrested for trying to get to a luncheon with other City Council members during the West Indian Parade.

Thank you for showing courage in the face of adversity Council man.


Please support Occupy

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