I am a white, middle class (I make less than the median income of the city I live in) small business owning job creatorer heterosexual male who loves sports, naked ladies and beer. My hair is kind of a boring (yet somehow lusciously beautiful) banker, parted on one side kinda style. I wear polo style shirts and jeans and tennis shoes. I'm in my mid (late) thirties and I pay a lot in taxes. It's probably no more than what anyone else pays but I have to pay it all at once so it's kinda like a kick in the balls. And I complain about it. All. The. Time.

Based on that description you'd be safe to assume I'm a republican. But I'm not. I'm a proud democrat. More after the nameless orange thing.

I wasn't always a democrat. My parents are big time democrats. My mom grew up a New York Jew Dem and even though she has gotten a little more conservative as she has gotten older she is still a straight ticket dem. My dad is one of them there ferners and I suspect he was a socialist before he came here and met my mom who made him into a demorat. He gets more liberal as he gets older.

In college I was a libertarian because of weed. Then I became a socialist. Because of a girl. Then an independent and now, since moving to this wonderful city I am in now, I proudly proclaim my democraticness to anyone who will let me talk their ears of for a few minutes. Why, you ask? I really have no clue. I have always voted straight ticket D except for a few judges in Florida once.

I've been here long enough that I'm sure no one would think of me as a troll. An asshole, maybe, but not a troll. So why do I, on paper, look somewhat republican? Honestly, because of stupid fucking stereotypes and that's what's going to sink Romney. Well, one of the many things that will sink him.

I am the guy Romney is trying to court for my vote. He wont get it because of the points I made above but lets assume I was totally indie. He still wouldn't get my vote. Mostly because he's an asshole. But also because he doesn't seem to understand business. And I'm a business man.

That's right. I AM A BUSINESSMAN!!!

I run a successful little pet supply shop (off topic but I am starting a 501 c 3 to help feed the homeless dog populations, dm me if you want some info). I don't want to sound like an arrogant ass but I know business. Romney's dad knew business. Mittens know how to ruin lives. He's not a business man. He built his fortune on the broken dreams and depleated pensions of hard working americans. Businessmen built those dreams. Businessmen ensured those pensions.

And I'm not alone in this. I know lots of fellow businessmen, not all of them liberal democrats and a few of them staunch republicans, who will not vote for this guy because they know their livelihoods depend on the 47% and the 53% that buy their goods or services.

Also, dividing us into the 47% and the 53% isn't going to work because we are all 100% Americans and the guy Romney is running a hatefully inept campaign against knows that. We are all in this together. United we stand and shit. Romney's toast.

I'm the 53% and if he doesn't have me, who does he have?




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