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When Mitt Romney was caught on video telling big donors about his trip to China to buy a factory where "we were walking through this facility, seeing them work, the number of hours they worked per day, the pittance they earned, living in dormitories with little bathrooms at the end of maybe 10 rooms. And the rooms they have 12 girls per room," he obviously wasn't talking in hypotheticals. He's moved jobs to China, to factories like that even if he didn't end up buying that specific one. And there's maybe no one in the country for whom Romney's description of that factory hits closer to home than the workers at Bain-owned Sensata Technologies, who are fighting to keep their own jobs from being sent to China.

The Sensata workers have repeatedly appealed to Romney to help them, with no answer beyond a campaign worker calling the police on them when they tried to deliver an open letter. And it's not just that Romney's former company controls Sensata—Romney personally has investments in Sensata.

A group of the Sensata workers have been camping out outside their factory for a week. These are workers who have, in some cases, worked at the plant for decades and now find themselves counting down the weeks until they're unemployed and their jobs are being done by Chinese workers they had to train to replace them. They have houses that they don't know how they'll make the payments on and children they're worried may not be able to finish college. They're facing "going from a well-paying job that got a lot of satisfaction to it, and going to a future that is nothing short of bleak."

In China, it looks like young women working for a pittance and living in overcrowded dorms. In the United States, it looks like unemployment and foreclosure. It's not Chinese workers versus American workers. It's people like Mitt Romney seeking a profit at the expense of workers in whichever country.

He's running for president, for Pete's sake, and he's still profiting from sending jobs to China. Quite the advertisement for all the jobs he'd create as president.

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