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As you all know, smileycreek and I live is a small primarily "red town" in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. It has a fair amount of what I'd describe as "extreme Tea Party" folk. They meet every Thursday at our recently revamped community park and don't even consider themselves as part of the Tea Party any more.  

The Tea Party "wants their country back" claiming the Constitution is no longer being followed while being destroyed by an administration that is, at the very least, socialist in their view.  They like the first 10 Amendments but wish to do away with all the others.  As we all know, it got rolling along soon after President Obama was elected with the help of FOX NEWS and Americans for Prosperity.  So overall, the Tea Party isn't really as grass roots as claimed.

Believe it or not, the folks in our local Tea Party are actually a grass roots group which has concluded it is too liberal in it's beliefs.  So they changed their name to the "Federalist Party" because they want to go all the way back to the Federalist Papers becoming the foundation for America...not the Constitution.  

These folk mostly dominate the conversation in our local newspaper by way of letters written to the paper and by being the persons chosen to write the "guest editorial" of the day. Our local paper does allow the Democratic view to be expressed as well, but less frequently.  Certainly the overall feel of the paper has a strong slant towards the far right views of the the GOP.

John Birch folk are for real here.  They moved here in the 1960's...had and still have a fairly strong presence which flourishes to this day in our little mountain town.

So, by now it has become obvious that Myth Romney is destroying his own campaign without any help.  Even our local die-hard right wingers can see the reality of the RMoney campaign.  Desperation, agitation and anger by that group about that situation is apparent now in our fairly insulated little town.  They are vocal and pontificate a lot. Some are starting to act it out in little ways beyond the letters they write to our local newspaper or their rants at the check out stands in stores.  


I have an Obama 2012 bumper sticker on my car.  I also have a little window sticker that says, "Compassion is Revolution," and another small window sticker that says, "Amend 2012 - Only People are People."

Normally, I've felt it's been just fine for me to drive around my little town with these messages on my car.  In the past few days however, I've noticed something new as I drive around town.  Occasionally when I am at a stop light, the vehicle that ends up behind me (often a truck or SUV in our neck of the woods) keeps inching closer and closer until almost right up to my bumper. It is obviously purposeful and invading "private space."  Even in our vehicles, we all have that feeling when someone gets way too close to our rear bumper.  And when I look through my rear view mirror I see looks of anger and disdain looking right back at me.  I've had my Obama 2012 bumper sticker on since April, and this phenomenon hadn't been happening until recently.

I was inspired to write about this today due to a small event that happened yesterday while I was driving down to Chico to my office.  An SUV came up behind me at a stop light, then inched closer right up to my bumper...rolled back...changed lanes (I was in the left lane.  He moved to the right lane at an intersection where both lanes can turn left).  He then actually took off just before the light changed to green.  He did so to be able to then get in front of me...then hit his breaks forcing me to do the same.  He had two big window stickers on his rear window.  One read, "Romney Right."  The other read, "NOT NOW," with both "O's" being Obama's 'O." He also had one bumper sticker that read, "Don't ReNig."  Clearly he was reacting to the Obama 2012 bumper sticker I had and did what he did to make sure I would clearly see the messaging on his SUV.

I assume we may all be experiencing some interesting behaviors by folks where we live, since the Romney campaign has become a disaster.  My experience, I'll assume, is on one end of that spectrum because I live in such a small and insular town dominated by Republicans. I hope others live in areas where there is a buoyancy in the feeling being experienced now.

How does it feel now where you live, since the "47%" Myth Romney video was released?  Does it feel different in any way from a couple weeks ago?

I'm listening.


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