I hope he wins, I really do. I donated to his campaign a few times, and I get a LOT of emails from politicians that think sending me an email is going to elicit another donation.

I live in Maryland. I donate across the country to those I feel especially deserving. When Alan Grayson eloquently described the Republican Health Care plan the way he did I sent him a couple dozen dollars for:

"Don't get sick, if you do get sick, die quickly"
I sent him a few more dollars when I saw Republicans got particularly upset with him over that, he made them look, shall we say, "Mean Spirited". Again. They obviously hated that, they spent a lot of money to get rid of him.

Today I got an email from the Grayson campaign. "Authorized by the committee to elect Alan Grayson" it says. Because of that, I'm going to assume the actual Alan Grayson had nothing whatsoever to do with this, ummm, crap.

The email begins with this:

The local CBS affiliate in Orlando, WKMG, has reported that my opponent, Todd Long, was "very abusive" to his ex-wife.
OK, his opponent is a wife beater. No one hates a man that hits women more than I do, so we're in agreement this guy does not deserve to be a Congressman. I followed the link. It took me to the Alan Grayson campaign contribution page, not a story about Todd Long's wife hitting. OK, it's a campaign email.

Here's where he loses me:

Given Long's history of severe alcoholism, this should surprise no one. Long passed out drunk outside a schoolyard, 200 miles from home. He was convicted of driving under the influence. He is barred for life from the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, for being drunk and disorderly.
The link goes to the same ActBlue donation page. Not, as you might expect, to a credible source noting his opponents "severe alcoholism".

True or not, I don't give a shit. I happen to be an alcoholic. I was born an alcoholic. I made some big fucking expensive and lifelong regrettable mistakes because of my "severe" alcoholism.

Here's my response, doubt he'll read it, but I felt the need:

Mr. Congressman,
    I am a supporter, I have donated to your campaign and although I do not live in Florida, I like your style and your willingness to take a combative stance. "...die quickly" was pure genius.

    I am also a recovering alcoholic. 22 years since my last drink. I'm not bragging, I'm a broken shoelace away from my next drunken mishap. That's just the way it is, I was born this way.

    There's a reason alcoholics have a strong desire for anonymity. Because of people, like those that issued the below, that think nothing of using a person's affliction against him for political gain. Would you make public that he has diabetes and is therefore not fit for office? What if he had cancer, would you use that against him? How is his having an incurable disease fodder for your political aspirations? You can beat him without resorting to this kind of low, can't you? I respectfully submit, that if you can't, perhaps you do not deserve to win.

    Don't be that guy, I had such huge respect for you until today. Take it back, and take it back publicly.


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