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Two new contrasting polls just came out, one giving Warren a five point lead and another giving Brown a six point lead.

The WBUR Massachusetts 2012 General Election Poll has Democrat Elizabeth Warren 5 points ahead of Republican Scott Brown.  The poll was conducted September 15-17 and surveyed 507 likely voters:

Initial preference (without leaners)  
Scott Brown  40%
Elizabeth Warren  45%
Some other candidate  2%
Don’t Know / Undecided  12%
Refused  1%

Vote preference with leaners  
Scott Brown  42%
Elizabeth Warren  47%
Some other candidate  2%
Don’t Know / Undecided  8%
Refused  1%


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UMass Lowell/Boston Herald poll shows Scott Brown Six points ahead of Warren.  The poll was conducted September 13-17 and survey 524 likely voters.

The new University of Massachusetts Lowell/Boston Herald telephone poll of 524 voters, released Wednesday night, showed Brown leading 49 percent to 45 percent among those deemed likely to vote.

The survey was conducted from Sept. 13 to 17 and had a margin of error of plus or ­minus 5 percentage points. The organization’s previous poll, taken in December, showed Warren leading by 7 percentage points.


Don't panic and don't brush both polls or only the U Mass poll off.  I believe the four past polls that have Warren in the lead and this has been a great day of polling but we need to remember that anything can happen between now and November 6th.  In a way I'm glad to see these contrasting polls come out on the same day.  I knew Warren would bounce back and I believe full heartedly that she will win this race but it's not over yet and we still have the debates.  Brown no doubt is calling up his friend on Wall Street and his buddies, Charles & David Koch, to help him buy this election.  Lets get ready to fight and LETS GET READY TO WIN!!

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