Congratulations MSNBC!!  Two nights in a row, in the coveted 25-54 age demographic, MSNBC beat Fox News in the number of viewers.

Huffpo has it here.

I’ll be interested (and delighted) to see this trend continue, but Rachel Maddow beat O’Reily AND Sean Hannity.  Lawrence O’Donnell beat van Susteren!  Two. Nights. In. A. Row!  

"The number one show in the demo on cable news is always, always "The O'Reilly Factor" unless there is some sort of unusual news event or huge booking."
But, on both Monday and Tuesday -- with neither a huge news event nor a huge booking -- MSNBC beat Fox News. Rachel Maddow's ratings in the demo on Tuesday were better than Bill O'Reilly's and Sean Hannity's. Lawrence O'Donnell's were better than Greta van Susteren's. Overall, MSNBC beat Fox News 575,000 to 526,000.
I’d like to think this is due to a tide turning in the national consciousness.  That the public displays of inanity and insanity as brought to you by the modern GOP has finally reached a turning point.  And because of shows like The Daily Show artfully illustrating all the falsehoods and outright lies, that people have found  an actual news channel where they can find valuable and useful information.  A place where, when they get things wrong, they admit it.  And sometimes apologize for it.  But they let you know.  Where integrity matters.  Where there is a sense of humor and they don’t simply try to debase and demean.  I'd like to think this isn't just because Obama is winning, but is also because Obama is winning.  I'd like to think that this is a trend that will continue.

"The truth will out" -- Shakespeare

Welcome my fellow Americans to the liberal left.  We have cookies.


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