Skimming the local news, I ran into an astonishing quote regarding possibly tunneling from Virginia to Maryland.  I'm not sure this county supervisor was quoted correctly, but if he was it certainly raises some interseting questions:

With traffic constantly congested and more people crossing state lines to work, Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio says a tunnel should be studied.

"Is there a godly way to do what is common sense? Logic?

"This will take many decades of understanding of what needs to be, what can't be and what must be," he says.

More after the ungodly squiggle.

First, I am seriously wondering what is a godly way to dig a tunnel.  Does an ungodly tunnel go to hell?  And if it's common sense to do it, or not do it, why do you then look for logic?  Or is logic contradictory to common sense?

Also why will it take decades to study?  Especially if it is common sense.  Of course, if you need to know "what needs to be, what can't be, and what must be" that type of Rumsfeldian or Pharoanic certainty would certainly take decades to figure out.  Or at least long eough for this character to retire or get voted out of office.

I need to take 2 tax cuts and get called in the morning.

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