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Congress is still hanging around, since the Senate still has to pass the continuing resolution in order to keep the government operating for the next six months, so everyone can go home and campaign for reelection because they're doing such a great job running the government and stuff.

The Senate, naturally, had to file for cloture to get to a vote on that, but unless they can unanimously agree to put their differences aside and vote today, the rules say they'll have to wait until tomorrow—or at least until after midnight tonight— to have that vote. When the stakes are high, that is, when leaving for a recess is on the line, things have a tendency to work out against all odds. Though I'm sure there are some who think waiting until midnight Saturday will make them look tough and resolute, for little extra cost.

In the House, they're still battling it out over some manufactured nonsense, in this case, nonsense over Interior Department regulations that Republicans insist constitutes a "War on Coal." Remember when calling stuff a war briefly became "offensive," because there were real soldiers dying in real wars, or something? Yeah, that lasted about a day, I think. Everybody was totally convinced. Anyway, we'll see whether the House bothers to stick around to see that the Senate actually gets the job done on the CR without requiring additional House votes on the matter.

If not, then everybody's outta here until after the election, which is pretty amazing. One of the earliest pre-election adjournments of the last 50 years, as I understand it. Talk about your "do-nothings!"

Oh, and now is as good a time as any to remind you that there was a time—way back in, like, the last Congress, when Democrats were in the majority in the House—when Republicans swore that lame duck sessions of Congress were inherently evil. They even introduced legislation seeking to make them illegal. In fact, they reintroduced the same legislation early in this Congress, but curiously enough, it never went anywhere.

But I just wanted to remind you of it, because the next time you see these bums, it'll be for their very own lame duck session, during which they'll be attempting to settle more than a few multi-billion dollar questions on your behalf. In fact, several of the cosponsors of that legislation are going to have to stand for reelection right now, knowing full well, as they look their constituents in the eyes, that they intend to return for a lame duck session despite it all.


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