Yea I know we got some minor issues to deal with in 2012 but it may be interesting to take a look down the road at the VA Gov race in 2013.   This would be the first event after the election where the GOP bloodbath would be in full bloom.  They would be talking about not another Romney, current Governor Vaginal Probe Bob and his sidekick Lt. Gov Bill Bolling are in Romney's camp and are putting there resources to supposed work for him, ROMNEY IS GETTING CRUSHED IN VA, so will there be blowback for the Romney supporters in the GOP,   follow below the orange of knowledge with me.

In a recent poll The Washington Post floated out possible candidates for Governor and here were the results.  The link to the full poll along with crosstabs is below:

It shows some interesting points.
1.  Mark Warner would cruise to an easy win if he wanted it. He still is held in high regard across all party lines and 69 of likely voters would consider voting for him.  Yes I know its hard to test how likely voters would vote in a race almost a year away but its the signal that matters of how strong a Warner run would be.
2. Former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe starts with around 40% who would at least consider voting for him and almost 30% who have no opinion which leads for a lot of room to grow.
It is to be noted that he did run in 2009 for the nomination and lost to State Sen. Creigh Deeds who ran one of the worst General Elections I have seen.
3.  The two leading GOP candidates Lt. Gov Bill Bolling and State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli enjoy about 66 and 71% support amongst Republicans and we know that the Cooch has some bagage, hey you got called out on Jon Stewarts show not once BUT TWICE with your own feature!  

So how does this work for us.  The State GOP had decided to hold a primary to select the nominee which would be open to everyone.  This should be in Bolling's favor because it is open to independents and he enjoys some good support there, almost 60% consider voting for him.  The Cooch on the other hand enjoys about barely 50% support from independents.   But then a funny thing happened on the way to the coronation for Bolling, who the current Gov. VAGINAL PROBE BOB is endorsing, the GOP got taken over by Ron Paul followers and changed the nomination format to a convention where the die hards attend.  Here is a report of how even being out raised by Bolling, the Cooch seems to  have an inside track to the nomination.

 Point of reference would be the US Senate race in 2008, In 2008 when former Sen. John Warner left, it was known that Rep Tom Davis wanted to run and was gearing up for a run.  He was however a RINO in some parts of the state, he is from the Northern VA area.  So the State GOP selected a convention  to chose the nominee which many had taken as a shot at Davis that it is not yours to have.  Davis decided not to run.   The State GOP then rallied around former Gov. Jim Gilmore who was the champion of the NO CAR TAX pledge, it became a very popular bumper sticker.  But State Delegate Bob Marshall who is so far to the right that he even makes some in his party wince decided to launch a last minute run the nomination as well.  He almost won the convention even with Gilmore out spending him 8-1.  Gilmore went on to lose to Warner BADLY.

If the Cooch gets the nod, he is almost toxic in the NOVA area, we can run up the score with a good candidate and a good campaign, get VA true blue again.

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