CNN breaks down Romneys taxes. The best part? Romney made $13.7 million last year and paid $1.94 million in taxes for a tax rate of approximately 14%. (After he foregone taking some charitable contributions that would have made his tax rate 10%)
Ryan, on the other hand made $323,500 and paid taxes of $65,000 for a tax rate of 20%.
If I was Ryan (or anybody else) I would be pissed that Romney made 42 times as much, but paid 6% less in the effective tax rate.
More under the orange bubble.

OH, I have to prove I didn't lie about my tax rate I told you guys awhile back.

But the couple chose to deduct only $2.25 million of their charitable contributions. The reason was "to conform" to Romney's statement last month that he never paid less than 13% in income taxes over the past 10 years, Brad Malt, a lawyer who presides over the Romneys' blind trust, said in a statement.
OH, and asking us asking for the truth?
In response, Romney said he never paid less than a 13% effective tax rate in any year over the past decade. He further said the obsession over his tax returns is "small minded."
Comparing the guy running for Pres and his VP wannabe.
Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan, released his final 2011 tax return this summer. He paid $65,000 on $323,416 in income, giving him an effective tax rate of 20%.
OH, and a sidenote - my significant other is a CPA, certified public accountant. She stated that he could use the "foregone" charitable contributions in future years to lessen his tax liability in subsequent tax years.
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