Mitt Romney should have seen "a bump" from a section of that secret tape, that few have yet to notice:  Just how much Mitts loves his sons, and how much more he now loves all those adorable Grandkids!

If love were money -- Mitt's heirs would be very rich ... So quid pro quo -- he loves them ...

Romney:  [...] Just to tell you a couple of things you may not know about me. You probably know that I'm father of five and grandfather now of 18 -- my oldest son just had twins just last week, and so our grandchild nest is getting larger, and they're a source of great joy. When I was probably halfway through my career at Bain Consulting, I met with a lawyer to draft a will, and she said, "How do you want to divide what estate you might eventually have?" And I said -- I didn't have anything at that point -- I said, "I want to divide it equally among my five sons." And she said, "Well, how much will you want to give to the grandchildren that they will ultimately have," and I said, "Well, I don't want to give anything to the grandchildren -- I'll give it to the sons, and they in turn will give it to their children as needed." And she said, "You'll change your mind." And I said, "No, I don't think so." So I saw her not long ago, and I said, "I don't want to give anything to my sons, I want to give it [to all to my grandchildren.] [Audience laughs.]

Romney:  It's not just because I love my grandchildren, as I do, and I love my sons and [unintelligible], it's that I'm very concerned about what the nation is gonna be like over the coming decade or two. And I really do. As I said in my remarks earlier, I see these two very different scenarios. One is as America really powering the world economy, with an extraordinary economy here, with China working with us, wanting to see stability in the world, and a very vibrant America, with freedom and prosperity for the great bulk of the American people. On the other hand, I really do see something like Europe. And I think that's the path we're on right now. So that's why I wanna make sure what little I'll have left after the campaigns goes to you know, goes to my grandchildren. That's one piece about me that you may not know. [...]

Full Transcript of the Mitt Romney Secret Video
-- by the MoJo News Team, motherjones.com -- Sep. 19, 2012

Mitt loves his kids and his Grandkids, Great!   What about the rest of us, Mitt?  What about our kids and Grandkids?  What about our opportunities, Mitt?  

You know, the 47% of us NOT born with a "trust fund" to support our every move?   (You know, us mere laborers in life.)

You see, Mitt does have a Vision for America -- and it's to leave his 18 Grandkids multimillionaires -- without a care in the world.

And that's because Mitt "fears for their future." Because Mitt Romney sees America going the way of Europe ... (you know the place were he keeps his money and divests in numerous business opportunities.)

Why does nobody see the REAL Willard Mitt Romney -- the family man that does what he does so that his much-loved family members won't have to.  Corporate Raiding isn't much fun you know -- not even for a stonehearted CEO like him. (There's SOOO much paperwork that goes along with converting companies into cash, aka "investment income.")

You see Millionaire Mitt when he opens up to his fellow Millionaire donors -- tells us a lot about the crusty echelon lifestyle, that the Top 0.01% has grown accustom to ... that:

They love their kids;  they love their Grandkids even more.

They see no problem with inheritance being the main path to wealth -- everyone should try it.

They see the world as 'us vs them' ... the takers and the taken.

They see European Redistribution as only something, their "faux job creator" strata deserves. The rest of us whiny workers-bees can just go to Hades (that's somewhere in Greece, aka European-central.)

In Mitt's uber-family-man world, Avoiding Taxes is OK -- it's smart even -- because they have grander motives, like to give it away someday, to those they love most in the world.  Their inheritors.  (Maybe. That's if they don't change their "trust" minds later.)

And the thing that unites the uber-wealthy in their uber-insular bubble, is that they think that establishing goals and laws for "a more equitable America" is really the equivalent of "America going to hell in a Eurporean-handbasket -- which makes all that "cash converting" just all the more difficult, you know in their uber-day-jobs.

You see Millionaire Mitt and his Millionaire pals, and they have no idea why a more equitable America would appeal of a majority of hard-working Americans; They have no idea in the world, WHY Americans think we deserve better, that we deserve a share of our productive labors ... a cut of what our "sweat equity" builds ...

... As they jet off to Switzerland to move some convertible-funds around -- they've got another slave-wage, barb-wired Factory in China to buy this week, you know ... for Pete's sake.  

(You see, "Pete" is Grandkid Number 19.  And the best daylight for corporate-raiding is burning, you know ...)

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