In case you missed it, Chris Wallace joined the Romney's for a pancake breakfast.

I guess this is the "Moose Burger-like" Fox presentation of "getting to know a candidate.  And, like the Palin Moose Burger show with Greta, the candidate once again was exposed as......oafish and odd.

No matter where, when, or what setting, a candidate can't avoid or help being....well, themselves.  Watch the segment below.

First of all, how weird that Romney can't stop eating during the interview.  Classy, NOT

But go to minute 2:30 to learn just how selfish and impatient Mitt Romney is, in his son Tagg's own words:

About the word OAF

Main Entry:    oaf  [ohf]  
Part of Speech:    noun

Definition:    person who is clumsy, stupid

Synonyms:    beast, blunderer, bruiser, brute, chump, clod, clown, dolt, dumb ox, dunce, fool, goon, idiot, imbecile, klutz, loser, lout*, moron, nincompoop, ox, sap*, simpleton

Are you a grandparent?  If so, drop in below the orange squiggley thing

I'm a grandparent.

I prepare large meals for my kids and grandkids.

I ALWAYS eat last.  Why?

1.  I help set up food for the grandkids because I know the whole atmosphere will be better if the kids are happily gathered and being fed.

2.  I like to try to help the kids' parents get a little break, which is why I lovingly make the meals.


In short, I am consumed with thoughts of the OTHER PEOPLE in my home who are there because I invited them for a meal.

But not Mitt.  He has to GO FIRST.

You hear words like sociopath, narcissist, etc. being slung around to define the multitudinous quirks he has shared on the national stage.

I'm not a clinician, so I am not comfortable setting down a definition for Romney's behavior.

Is is interesting to note that MITT ROMNEY, was THE BABY IN THE FAMILY.  There's a lot written about sibling placement.  Maybe his birth order contributes to his seemingly immature emotional intelligence.

The Youngest Child: Birth Order Characteristics

Youngest children are unique in that they are never displaced by a newborn.  They are the babies of the family, and in that way, they continue to be babied long into adulthood.  Youngest tend to appear youthful throughout their lives.  (Ronald Regan was a youngest, a rarity for a US President.)

Youngest children often receive a lot of attention from family because many feel responsible for taking care of them.  Thus, youngest may be indulged, pampered and spoiled in ways that other children are not.  Having experienced good things from others, youngest children may grow up expecting good things from life and therefore tend to be optimists rather than negative-thinking people.

However, as a grandparent, I find Romney's need to "always go first" a clear indication of an entirely different family, and perhaps social, perspective.

This grandparent is appalled by the selfish example he is setting for his children and grandchildren.

I do feel comfortable saying that I think, based on Tagg's admission and other Romney behaviors (shaving/terrorizing classmate, walking blind teacher into glass door, strip mining jobs for profit, etc.),

ROMNEY IS A SELF-CENTERED, SELFISH, I ME MY MINE personality.  Not fit to serve this country!


Romney's need to "go first" indicates a deep degree of selfishness

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