There has been a lot of discussion about the fact that Mitt Romney has had relatively few public events since the convention especially in the battleground states.  Some speculation has focused on his need to raise money in Utah, Texas and other non batttleground states.

That probably is part of the story but I want to suggest another factor that may be influencing his schedule.  This was suggested to me by a couple of recent diaries, one on the Romney campaign advertising a rally in Denver in the newspaper and the other diary about how Romney had to bus in supporters for the Univision event this week.

Maybe it is so hard for him to draw a respectable crowd and he needs so much advance work to do it that his advance team can only work on a few events a week.   He is undoubtedly afraid that poor turnout at events will feed the failing campaign meme that is already gaining momentum.  Is it better to have a light schedule and be hammered for not campaigning harder than it is to have more poorly attended events.  Perhaps he faces a dilemma similar to the one he apparently faces about his taxes, be hammered for not releasing the returns or release them and be hammeretd for what is contained in the returns.

I would be interested if there has been any reporting in the press on this topic and/or any further evidence on the ground in battle ground states from Kossacks.

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