We already knew Jim DeMint was a troglodyte.  But just how much of a troglodyte became clear late Friday, when he suggested that his Senate Conservatives Fund might give Todd Akin a shot in the arm.

DeMint said the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), which has pulled its funding from the Missouri race, should reconsider its decision if Akin continues his candidacy.

The senator said backing Akin in Missouri, a red state, might be a better bet for winning a GOP seat than pouring money into blue states such as Maine and Hawaii that are likely to go for President Obama in November.

“I’m certainly looking at the race now. Todd’s a good conservative; he’s been a good representative for a long time. He did make a mistake and said it was a mistake,” DeMint said.

DeMint added that if Akin stays in the race, he would definitely consider opening his wallet for him.  That decision may not be too long in coming.  Although Missouri state law gives Akin until tomorrow to pull out, for all intents and purposes the real deadline was Saturday, when federal law required military and overseas ballots to be postmarked.

So DeMint is officially willing to stand with a guy who thinks a woman can't really have a baby when she's raped.  File that away for 2016.

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