Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney shows his ballot to his wife Ann while voting in Belmont, Massachusetts March 6, 2012. Republicans are holding their
See, Ann, if we get the little people to dig deep,
we should have enough hundreds of millions
left over for the grandkids.
All right, you people. It's crunch time. That's why the Romney campaign emailed this plea from Ann:

We've got just 45 days left until Election Day.

Today, I'm asking you to dig deep and rally behind my husband like never before. Let's make him our 45th president!

That's right. Dig deep. Sure, your pockets may already be empty, but that's only "fair," Mitt Romney explained on Sunday:
Pelley: Now, you made on your investments, personally, about $20 million last year. And you paid 14 percent in federal taxes. That's the capital gains rate. Is that fair to the guy who makes $50,000 and paid a higher rate than you did?

Romney: It is a low rate. And one of the reasons why the capital gains tax rate is lower is because capital has already been taxed once at the corporate level, as high as 35 percent.

Pelley: So you think it is fair?

Romney: Yeah, I think it's the right way to encourage economic growth, to get people to invest, to start businesses, to put people to work.

How else is Mitt Romney supposed to "encourage economic growth" if you $50,000-a-year Not-Mitt-Americans don't pay more in taxes than he does?

And besides, Mitt's even considering digging deep into his own pockets. Not too deep, mind you:

Romney hints he'll spend own $ on race: "I wanna make sure what little I'll have left after the campaigns goes to grandkids" - from 47% vid.
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Yes, that's right. You people need to dig deep to help Ann's husband. Mitt, meanwhile, needs to watch those hundreds of millions carefully to make sure his grandchildren get to inherit their fair share.

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