Brendan Mullen is running against Jackie Walorski.  You may remember that Ms. Walorski, a Tea Party darling, was defeated by Democrat Joe Donnelly.  Joe is now running for the Senate, and Brendan has the pleasure of running against Jackie.

Now, I'm not suggesting that Jackie Walorski had anything to do with the 4 bombs detonated in Brendan Mullen's district.  However, there is a video showing that some of her followers are a tad unruly.

Here's the article about the bombs:

At TPM Feds Investigate Explosion In Indiana Candidate’s Mailbox

A small explosion of some kind occurred Monday afternoon in a mailbox outside the home of Indiana Democratic congressional candidate Brendan Mullen.

A law enforcement official told TPM on Tuesday that authorities are investigating a spate of incidents involving similar explosions. Four such explosions have occurred in and around Granger, Ind., where Mullen lives, in the last 24 hours, according to David Coulson, a spokesperson for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

We must remember that NO race is unimportant, especially to the rabid Tea Party and of course to the GOP.

In fact, Karl Rove is rallying to defeat Joe Donnelly with another Tea Party Candidate, Richard Mouordock.

FACT CHECK: Karl Rove’s Secret Money Ignores Donnelly’s Record

In this video, a videographer is bullied by members of a Jackie Walorski rally

You can read about Jackie here

Jackie Walorski Facts The REAL Jackie Walorski and why she is bad for Hoosiers

Again, the ATF is investigating and we don't know who is responsible for the bombs.  The above are facts regarding the political race the victim, Brendan Mullen, is running in and who Brendan is running against.

What next?


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