2 weeks ago I started my very own Get Out the Vote effort.  I sat down and made a list of all my circle of friends, work friends and friends of friends who have either moved residences since 2008, went off to college (or finished and moved somewhere from college), took a new job (and may have moved), often travel for work (or in retirement) and need to vote absentee, or live in a state (like PA) that has a new Voter ID law.  In the two weeks since, I have contacted each and EVERY one of the people on my list.  If I called and left a voice mail, I kept calling until we actually spoke.  If I emailed, I re-sent emails until I had an actual clear-cut response (via email or a phone call).  For one older former work colleague who has since 2008 moved into an Assisted Living facility, I contacted him and helped him re-register to vote with his new address.  Printed the voter change of address form, brought it to him and helped him complete it, put a stamp on it and brought it to the post office afterwards.  I asked about children who may be now off to college - and where are they and have they re-registered there or do they need an absentee ballot to vote from the parents' home address.  I sent people the web site url for how to get an absentee ballot and reminded them of deadlines to register to vote.  Each of you can do the same!

Of course, I only helped out above with friends I know who vote for Democrats.  I'm anal, not stupid.  

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