Mitt Romney: 47% true
Mitt Romney speaking yesterday with ABC's David Muir:
I think as you look at the national polls, you see that I’m tied in the national polls, both Gallup and Rasmussen have the numbers at even. State-by-state you’ve got some advertising going on from the Obama people, which expresses their views on my positions, which frankly I think are inaccurate and in some cases dishonest. The advantage I have is to go to the American people and describe how I’m going to get America working again. How some of the things being said about me are not accurate, and mine is a campaign about 100% of the people, not 99 and 1, not any other percent.
  1. This race is not tied. Obama was up by six in Gallup when Romney gave the interview. And Obama was up by one in Rasmussen, but that's close enough to the truth to give Mitt a pass. Plus, who cares what Rasmussen says.
  2. In the space of four sentences, Mitt Romney accused President Obama of either lying or saying inaccurate things about him three times.
  3. And when it came to correcting the record, the first thing Mitt Romney said was that he actually cares about 100 percent of Americans and anyone saying otherwise isn't telling the truth.

Maybe this would be a good time to remind Romney that he's the guy who said he didn't care about 47 percent of the country. That secret video wasn't President Obama speaking about Mitt Romney behind closed doors. It was Mitt Romney speaking about Mitt Romney. Those were his words, in his own voice.

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