The title says it all.

People want to eat,
they want to eat
and carbs,
and they need the vitamins and minerals,
A to zinc.

Poverty makes that difficult.

In fact,
one might define poverty
as difficulty with nutrition,
difficulty in getting enough quantity,
difficulty in getting a balanced diet,
not just a load of cheap carbs.

More below the squiggly.

 Harmful economic systems are the principal cause of poverty and hunger. Hunger Notes believes that the principal underlying cause of poverty and hunger is the ordinary operation of the economic and political systems in the world. Essentially control over resources and income is based on military, political and economic power that typically ends up in the hands of a minority, who live well, while those at the bottom barely survive, if they do. We have described the operation of this system in more detail in our special section on Harmful economic systems.  

This is a quote from this site:


This link is from a front page story by Meteor Blades:


This link is to a site that simply ranks countries by death rates per 100,000 people,
deaths by undernutrition:


Notice that the USA is not ranked last.

Notice who is ranked lower,
fewer deaths by undernutrition:

and Slovakia,
just to name those that surprised me a little.

Monaco is dead last,
and I think I understand that;
a small fairy tale kingdom
would have no one undernourished.

What countries are at the top?
(although another site pointed out
that in numbers,
the most undernutrition takes place
in India)

Top of the death list,
death by undernutrition:


You know,
and Guatemala
are very close by to the USA.

Yet the folks there must feel very far away
from our opulence.


Very high on the list.

But we need to send drones?

The reason I wrote this diary
is that I feel a need to keep trying,
to get through to someone,
here at Daily Kos,
in my face-to-face world,
I harbor a faint hope
that before I die,
I'll see the beginnings of a movement,
a movement of people who are convinced
that bringing children into this world
is a crime,
the crime of child endangerment.

I'm deeply upset
that anyone,
writes of any topic,
any serious topic,
without explaining the harm to humans.

The world around me is slow,
slow to explain
that climate change will kill humans,
from brutal undernutrition,

Why is it so hard to get the message out?

Why would anyone write anything
about climate,
anything about economics,
without stating,
loud and clear,
that folks may not have enough to eat,
even in this country?

the worst case scenario,
it seems to me,
for this country,
is not runaway climate change.

The worst case scenario might be
conservatives controlling our government,
and ending all farm subsidies,
and ending the food stamp program.

The big,
efficient farms and ranches
cannot survive
under drastically different
economic conditions,
no crop insurance,
no milk subsidies,
no food stamps.

Only the upper class,
and their upper level minions,
would have plenty to eat.

The rest of the country would be reduced
to dog eat dog,
human eat human.

Violence and cannibalism,
gangs kicking down doors,
eating the fresh meat first,
roast leg of resident,
and saving the canned goods for later,
that would be more likely to happen
in this country
than any other.

I hope I'm wrong.

But I truly wish
that more and more folks
would prepare for this,
by having no children.

It could be like a monster movie,
but the monsters,
and the victims,
are the grandchildren
of young people alive right now.

My plan is,
from the bottom up,
a powerful movement,
insisting on one child for every five couples,
for as long as it takes,
to get the overall population down to
100 million,
for the whole planet.

Here is a link to my vision
of what life could be like,
with so much fewer humans on this planet:


 Speaking of morning,
do you like sausage and eggs?

We could cook lots of that,
on massive griddles,
set up over the hot coals.

Picture everyone working together,
bringing in massive loads of firewood in advance,
carefully stoking the fires,
cooking the sausage,
turning the eggs.

I like mine over easy,
with just enough salt,
no pepper.  


Please click on the link,
and read my other diary.

I put a lot into it.

Once again,
please think,
when you read about climate change,
or economics,
please think about
and the suffering and death it causes,
and please,
become art of a movement,
a movement to see giving birth to anyone
at this point in history
as child endangerment.

The best way to be a good ancestor,
is to have no direct descendants.

Thanks for reading.

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