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Welcome to the final day of this week's extra special edition of Hell to Pay. We're raising money for Daily Kos-endorsed women candidates for the House and Senate, because it's time to send more, better women to Congress to kick some ass, take some names, fight back against the Republican War on Women—and maybe even shrink some penises with their feminism.

So far, we've raised $16,608. But we're not done with payback weekend just yet. So as Ann Romney says, it's time to dig deep. Let's dish out some payback to the party that's been waging war on us since they took over the House. The party that's spent most of its time trying to pass bills to restrict and defund our health care—54 anti-abortion bills alone! The party that thinks equal pay for equal work is just a handout to lawyers. The party that wants to uphold the sanctity of traditional domestic violence. Goal Thermometer

It's payback time. For every right they've tried to legislate away, for every program they've tried to defund, for every time they've tried to keep us "sluts" in our place—underpaid, out of power, and subject to the whim and will of the party that hates us—let's make them pay.

They started this war; we're fighting back. And if we send more, better women to Congress, we'll win. Women are 51 percent of the country, but only 17 percent of Congress. So let's get 51 donors to step up and show that we're the majority, we're mad as hell, and we're ready to make them pay for it. Because payback is one hell of an unladylike, penis-shrinking bitch.

Please give $3 to each of our Daily Kos-endorsed women candidates for the House and Senate.

4:53 PM PT: I know you've been giving until it hurts, but for this final day of payback weekend, let's make it hurt just a little more.

5:04 PM PT: We've raised almost $20,000. And I sure do love those round numbers. Who wants to make an even two Mitt bets? I'll chip in $10 each for the next five volunteers.

5:23 PM PT: Three people have taken me up on my offer. Looking for two more. Who wants to be next?

5:27 PM PT: Looking for one more person to take me up on my offer. Who's it gonna be?

5:37 PM PT: Well, that was easy. Asked for five volunteers, and boom. Now then, we're just a few donations shy of 400. Think we can make it?

5:42 PM PT: Unbelievable. Over 400 donations! No sooner do I ask ... Hey, maybe we ladies really do have super powers, eh?

Since obviously, the sky is the limit, what goal do you want to pick for us next? I'll take suggestions in the comments.

6:20 PM PT: akmk really wants to pass $23,000. Who's in? Think we can do it?

6:37 PM PT: We are so on a roll. Look how much we've raised to kick some ass and elect more, better women to Congress! I'm giving one more time to each candidate because I feel like kicking just a little more ass. How about you?

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Sun Sep 30, 2012 at 04:00 PM PDT.

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