I got an email from Jim Webb telling me to donate to Bob Kerrey, so I sent $10 his way. I hope you will do the same. Deb Fischer is someone we do not want in the senate. Bob is running a passionate campaign and has gained over 10 points since the last poll (yes he is still plenty behind). But the words from Webb under the fold was encuraging to me.

I hope they are to you too:

Bob stood by my side throughout that campaign -- not only because we were friends, but also because Bob and I share the same values of relentless determination. And in the end we overcame a 33-point deficit in order to defeat an entrenched and well-financed opponent.
I urge you to send him a dollar or two before the deadline tonight:

Bob Kerrey at ActBlue

11:10 PM PT: I do understand that a lot of you don't think he is very much of an improvement over a republican. I respectfully disagree, and think he will be a more steadfast democrat than Ben Nelson. But this is also Nebraska. If Kerrey is elected, we will have a pro choice, pro gay marriage senator in Nebraska. He even campaigns on it. That's not nothing.

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