Inquiring minds want to know.

CNN: Economists reluctantly pick Romney

CNN is running a story today saying that the majority of the 17 economists surveyed by CNN picked Romney as better for the economy. Nine picked Romney, three picked Obama and five said neither, because the president doesn't have enough influence over the economy.

So, being a devotee of Paul Krugman, the Nobel winning Keynesian economist who clearly would say Obama, I'm wondering who the 17 economists were. I want to know how they split on the Supply-Side vs. Keynes question, because you can survey until you're blue in the face, but if you ask people who base their answer on ideology rather than observation, you're going to get a stupid answer.

Think, for example, if we decided to survey the question of evolution. If more than half the people surveyed are creationists, the answer is going to be creationism. But that doesn't change the validity of evolution.

Economists who still champion Supply-Side nonsense should be sued for malpractice. They're like physicians who still advocate bleeding to remove evil humors. They're like astronomers who still advocate an earth-centric universe.

So, tell us, CNN: Who are your 17 economists?


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