UNICORP — Buy stock, if your conscience allows. 

American prison-labor sweatshops: dirt-cheap (23¢ per hour) "employees" from a literally captive and continuously renewed labor pool, market-value wholesale, massive profits, with the federal government supplying the materials and the labor while guaranteeing the market. It used to be Unicorp could only sell to the government under this nauseating scam. Not any longer — now regs are rewritten to allow the corporation to also market to civilian retailers, forcing other wholesalers, ruled by the already- low minimum wage, to drive their prices underwater. All being done under the guise of convict "rehabilitation".

Colbert did an excellent, hard-hitting Wørd segment on this tonight. If you haven't been aware of our homebred slave labor and want an intro to the New Chain Gang, dial it up tomorrow. 

"No Sweatshops"! — It's not just for China, you know.


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