The officer is a white shirt, a high level supervisor, in this case a Lieutenant in Philadelphia's elite Highway Patrol division..they are on patrol all over the city as well as on the highways around and through the city, sometimes riding motorcycles.

He is seen punching a woman in her face and hitting her behind her head to knock her down. Police were at a Puerto Rican Day parade for crowd control. Some people shot "silly strings" from cans and some of them evidently struck several cops...The woman was thought to have thrown beer at the cops, but close look at the video shows that someone behind her actually did that. The officer is a Philadelphia Highway Patrol Lieutenant who has had several other brutality accusations on his record and was recently cleared in a shooting in 2010. He is said to have been re-assigned and off the streets...


Philadelphia is famous for this shit, and it is about time this guy gets fired and prosecuted...we shall see. More details will be forthcoming on this later in the week.


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