Such is the message of a new and VERY SCARY video from a group of nuns in Ohio.

Here's Jezebel's take on it, and here is the very informative video itself:

Things you may learn from this video:

1) If you take contraceptives, you aren't releasing pheremones. Thus, you are not desirable to men any more. Women who are releasing pheremones are hotter than a supermodel!

2) When women contracept, men are confused and have sex with each other instead.

3) Whether women were using contraception isn't even on the US death certificate! Who knows how many trillions of women have been killed by it! Babies are also murdered by contraceptives.

4) Contraception causes promiscuity and adultery and teh ghey. Because there's nobody who needs contraception more than gay people!

5) Deciding when and whether to have children is not up to you. Who are you to think you might want to make decisions about your own life?

6) The maker of the Pill is sorry because there isn't enough population growth any more. Also, the CIA wants us to have more babies. The whole world's population might vanish any time now.

7) Contraception causes human-animal hybrids. Because when we have sex with animals we forget to use contraception (?) ... or something like that ...

8) NAMBLA is a result of contraception. I think I missed the part about why.

9) Valuable racehorses should have as many offspring as possible, and you're better than a racehorse aren't you???

10) Augustine was against the Pill. God strikes people dead because of contraception. Martin Luther and Calvin agree.

So, I hope you will all watch the video and learn some very important lessons about contraception, and will go home and throw all your birth control in the trash. If so, make sure and send the folks who made this video a bill for the child support.

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