MassResistance, one of the larger fundie groups in Massachusetts, is out with a treatise that claims the FBI and CIA have been taken over by gays.  While this by itself sounds loony, the basis for this claim is laughable even by fundie standards.  

You see, in MassResistance's view, since the FBI is actively encouraging recruitment of  LGBT agents and offering support to current agents thinking of coming out, it's evidence that "the ghey" has taken over.  Likewise, since the CIA has an internal organization of LGBT agents, it's clear that the CIA has been taken over by "the ghey."  But if that wasn't loony enough, apparently MassResistance doesn't like that the FBI is actively encouraging gays to report hate crimes.  Encouraging people to stand up to being attacked?  Oh, the horror!

You can't make this stuff up.  You really can't.

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