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The main issue of contention today is the release of the report regarding the Alan Buford murder. The city council has already closed the meeting once because public input regarding how the police treat Oakland residents was not acceptable. The coroner has already disqualified himself as an observer because he agreed to not release the autopsy report by request of the police.

At this meeting the police have closed all of the public area except the small floor area. This has left vocal residents outside the chambers and chanting let us in.

The more people who show up at City Hall, the more support and strength the Blueford’s, JAB, and the entire community will have facing the repressive, dysfunctional, and corrupt entity that comprises City Council, OPD, and the entire leadership structure in Oakland.

There will be a march lead by the Interfaith community meeting at the DA’s office on 1225 Fallon at 4:30pm on Oct. 2nd and marching to City Hall to arrive in time for the City Council meeting.

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